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The ULA Team Finds One Grandmother Freezing Without A Blanket And Ends Up Helping Her Entire Family

It's not just blankets and toiletries that ULA helps with. They are also helping grandparent caregivers provide their grandchildren with an education. They are also hoping to establish a program to furnish goats for grandmothers. This could assist in generating much needed income and also be a source of food to feed their families.

ULA Associate Director Sharon Kukunda helps the elderly caregivers in Uganda
Grandmother Ryana and ULA Associate Director, Sharon Kukunda share their hope for Ryana's grandchild’s future.

I was married at the age of 16. I had 9 children, 7 boys and 2 girls. My first born son died of HIV/AID's in early 80's when no one knew about it in our village. We thought he was bewitched. We sold most of our property to our neighbors and spent that money to our local witch doctors, thinking that he would be healed; but this never happened.

He died and my other son's joined Yoweri Kaguta Museni in the bush, fighting in the liberation war which lasted for six years. One died there, and three came back HIV-positive. They lasted for one and half years and then they all died. I do not know where one of my two daughters is, she disappeared from home.

ULA has helped me a lot. It provided me a blanket, bed sheets, washing soap and they are paying the school fees for one of my grandchildren. They found me freezing at night without anything to cover myself, the one blanket I had was old; my grandchild was telling me every day that she wanted to go to school. This situation was beyond my control but ULA came and rescued me. I now have a good blanket and my grandchild is going to school. I have nothing that I can offer to thank ULA but my prayers that help them in the work they are doing.


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