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Harmony Gardens


Betereko receives shipment of tools and equipment


The community gathers for delivery of the water tank that will be fed by a catchment system to provide garden irrigation

First day of the garden plot being cleared on Bitereko school land


When people come together to support the production and distribution of healthy food, magic happens. People from diverse factions of the community (which under other circumstances would be antagonistic) form a unifying hub. In harmony with the land and each other, they work on a project that benefits all -- promoting a local, sustainable and healthy food production system.

The Harmony Gardens Project is being developed and operated in rural Western Uganda by ULA-inspired youth Inclusive Clubs members, along with a supportive team of advisors, school administrators and community leaders. This enterprise is self-supporting while providing families in need with food. Workshops on efficient gardening methods and marketing systems are offered.  

The first garden is currently being developed by the members of the Inclusive Club at Bitereko Vocational School.  It is self-supporting. Selective produce is being sold to the school which feeds 700 students. Profits from this produce sale support the Inclusive Clubs’ various other outreach activities -- all promoting inclusive practices in their community.

Harmony Gardens Workshops

Producing enough food and making it accessible remain critical challenges in Uganda. A multitude of Ugandans go hungry every day. Poverty is most rampant in rural regions like Mitooma. Those who belong to marginalized groups suffer the worst -- such as HIV positive women, HIV widows, orphaned children and their caregiving grandmothers, refugees and people of sexual minorities.

A portion of Harmony Gardens’ harvests goes to families in desperate need. Not having to worry about where their next meal is coming from gives them the opportunity to focus and participate in programs that can improve their long-term well-being.


Selling produce is a solid viable business for women in rural areas. A woman with practical knowledge about efficient food production can positively impact her family's health and financial sustainability.


Along with Inclusive Club members, vulnerable women community members attend Harmony Gardens workshops to learn how to cultivate gardens while practicing environmental and economic sustainability. They master efficient organic gardening methods and marketing systems that give them the power to create and maintain gardens that produce healthy foods and income-generating work.


Workshop Curriculum

  • Organic Gardening Procedure

  • Soil restoration/making compost                 

  • Plant selection for local conditions,              

  • Analysis of the most accessible high-yield varieties

  • Natural control of weeds, pests, disease & spoilage

  • Efficient irrigation procedures       

  • Companion planting


Marketing Procedures

  • Marketing Procedures

  • Productive outlets for marketing of products

  • Consideration of local needs, resources, limitations

  • Efficient record-keeping

  • Beneficial collaboration

Bitereko Harmony Gardens Advisors


Taremwa Kenneth

A director at Bitereko school and a ULA team member, Taremwa is overseeing on-sight the garden development. Taremway is also the Director of Inclusive Clubs, as well as a central liaison with Universal Love Alliance.


Miyingo Joseph

An organic agriculture and seed specialist for the Uganda Ministry of Agriculture. Miyingo acts as an all-around advisor and director of workshop programs. He provides organic seeds and manages seedling germination and care. 


Mzee Zuraga

A strong supporter of the Harmony Gardens Program, Mzee is a long-time agriculturist. He has been a farming advisor in the Mitooma district, and is  founder and director of Bitereko Vocational School.


Nkwene Nelson

A member of the ULA staff, and past President of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Makarere University. Nelson is Manager and Director of Development of Harmony Gardens.

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