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Inclusive Clubs

Youth Promote Diversity in their Communities

Youth come together to celebrate and promote a diverse society in Uganda, and beyond! Inclusive Clubs (IC’s) emerged in seven schools in the Mitooma district of Western Uganda as an outgrowth of the Universal Love Alliance Inclusion for Youth Workshop Series.


Student participants from these schools were highly enthusiastic about the new Ideas they were introduced to during these workshops on acceptance and inclusion of all people. Hungry to ‘walk their talk,’ many are now dedicated to transforming what they've learned into action in their respective communities.


Inclusive Club members surround ULA director, Turinawe Samson and staff advisor Nikwane Nelson Mitooma, (November 2017)

Opening Hearts & Minds


ULA-inspired Inclusive Clubs conduct programs that carry out the mission of promoting inclusiveness in Uganda: 



  • Harmony Gardens is a sustainable organic gardening project that benefits the community in numerous ways. They promote diversity-embracing mindsets in communities, provide communities with organic produce, as well as train community members in sustainable organic gardening techniques. 

The Inclusive Club Conference

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Speakers share their experiences with Opening Hearts and Minds performances given in their communities

In November of 2017, the Inclusive Clubs Conference was hosted by sixty students. These students came from Inclusive Clubs representing four schools in the Mitooma region of Western Uganda: Musiimenta High School, Kashenshero Vocational High School, Kitojo Secondary School, and Bitereko Vocational Secondary School (where the conference was held). Guests included club patrons, ULA staff, guests invited from the community, and the teaching and administration staff from the Bitereko Vocational Secondary School.   


This exciting event provided opportunities for networking among those attending. Participants shared ideas and about their experiences defending human rights and spreading a message of inclusion. Conference topics included: the creation of an inclusive society, human rights advocacy, women's emancipation and empowerment, and the acceptance of marginalized communities. Countless benefits resulted from bringing together club members from different schools. They not only got to know each other; they became strong allies, committed to standing in solidarity and to promoting the well-being of all people in Uganda. 

The First Harmony Gardens

(Initiated by the Inclusive Club of Bitereko Vocational Secondary School)


Breaking ground at

Bitereko Harmony Gardens

The Inclusive Club of Bitereko Vocational Secondary School is operating the first of the Harmony Gardens, which are organic gardens managed by the clubs. Produce is being sold to the parent school to ensure the garden's self-sustainability and support the club's outreach programs. The community is being benefited by the supply of produce to the most vulnerable, and a diverse society is being promoted by through the inclusion of marginalized groups in garden activities. Learn more about Harmony Gardens' evolution on our upcoming Blog page.  

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