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A Message from Maya and Zoe

ULA's First Youth Ambassadors

ULA Youth Ambassadors are U.S. Teens dedicated

to raising awareness and funds for Universal Love Alliance


"We are so happy to be involved with Universal Love Alliance (ULA). ULA supports sexual minorities and marginalized groups by teaching acceptance and awareness to religious and political leaders, children, and the greater community of Uganda. They also teach empowerment and self-sustainability to women with HIV/AIDS and help children orphaned by AIDS. We were lucky enough to have met (via SKYPE) ULA's Founder, Samson, and Associate Director, Sharon. We care greatly about them and what they stand for, as well as the communities they are supporting. Our job as youth Ambassadors is to raise money and awareness. So far, we've raised over $7,000 US dollars in funds through bake sales, music-and-fun fundraising events, and more. We have lots of ideas and are hoping you will join us and help out!"

Want to Host a


"Since we all love food, and friends make food even better, we hope you'd be willing to combine those two things in a 'Potluck for ULA.' Here's the idea; you host a potluck with your group of friends. Everyone brings a dish and a donation for ULA. The goal of this campaign is to not only raise money for ULA, but to spread awareness about the organization. If you think you might be interested, please let us know. We want to support you in making this a fun and easy event for you and your friends. We will keep in touch about donations and where to send them.


Thank you for your support,

Zoe and Maya"

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