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ULA Looking to the Future

Because we engage in work that requires financing from outside Uganda, we at ULA are continually on the lookout for funding and grant opportunities.  Recently we received a grant from the Niwano Peace Foundation, which was a great honor.  ​

We can also foresee forming strategic partnerships with other organizations in Uganda that share our ethos and goals, making it possible for us to attract larger grants and gain visibility for our work internationally. 

Our humanitarian work on behalf of marginalized people is also supported by private funds donated by warm-hearted people from around the globe.  Our international community of advisors, collaborators and supporters is growing steadily.  For this, we are very grateful.

ULA Friends and Youth Ambassadors!

We are grateful to our many friends who have come up with creative solutions (like Harmony Gardens and the ULA Youth Ambassadors) to help us at  ULA deliver our activities.  We welcome more friends with innovative ideas into our circle of support, and are happy to experiment  to advance our shared mission.

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