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Something As Simple As A Bed Sheet, Blanket & Washing Soap Makes Life Bearable For One Grandmother

When their son or daughter dies of AIDS a grandmother becomes the sole caregiver of the orphaned grandchildren. ULA furnishes 47 of these elders with housing, food, blankets, clothes, and washing soap.

ULA provides assistance to the elderly caregivers of Uganda.
Grandmother Gauamire Jenerosa finds herself filled with gratitude for the Universal Love Alliance team.

I cannot forget the day I received, a blanket, washing soap and a bed sheet from ULA. My life changed.

I have lived most of my life struggling. I came to Uganda from Rwanda because of conflict in my country. I now have taken care of one grandchild after her mother, my daughter, died of AIDS. I cannot find the father because me and my daughter used to move from place to place in search of food and work. My granddaughter and I have moved from village to village.

One day the people of ULA came to the last village where we are staying and educated the community leaders on how to care for the needy, the frustrated, the homeless and those seeking refuge and safety for their lives. One other person and I were chosen by the community to be given housing. ULA did not stop with that. The team provided me with basic needs like a blanket, bed sheets, washing soap and are also helping my granddaughter to receive schooling.

I now feel accepted in the village where I live because of the ULA team teaching my community, also because of the support that the team provided me. I can sleep and cover myself, sleep in house, and am not afraid anymore. I feel younger, fresh and clean even though I am elderly. I can feel and experience the meaning of life and humanity.

Universal Love Alliance team member Sharon helps out a grandmother caregiver.
ULA furnishes 47 elders with housing, food, blankets, clothes, and washing soap.


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