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ULA's Grant Funded Projects

In 2017, under a grant from Spirit In Action, ULA delivered 7 workshops at different high schools in the rural Mitooma District.  These workshops were on human rights and inclusion as well as on life planning skills.  The workshops were well received and ULA was invited back to lead a reunion event held at the invitation of those schools where the workshops were given.

In 2018 under a grant from the U.S. Embassy in Uganda, with additional support from SIA and friends, ULA delivered 3 workshops to faith leaders on human rights, inclusion and acceptance, with the intention that those in attendance would form the vanguard for change in Uganda.

While the audiences were different in each project, each workshop acted as a catalyst and introduction to what is becoming an ongoing process.  In the high schools, for example, at the end of each workshop, Inclusive Clubs were formed. These Inclusive Clubs are student-led and under teacher supervision, to sustain the lessons learned from the workshop.  Those who attended the workshops for faith leaders were required to develop action plans for implementation in their own communities.  Many of the faith leaders and attendees expressed the desire for ULA to visit their communities to deliver follow up workshops.

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