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One Donors Small Gift Had A Substantial Impact On The Life Of A Single Mother

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

In June of 2017, a Universal Love Alliance Donor Contributed $200 Specifically Aimed To Support One Woman In Need, This Is Her Story of Appreciation

In June, a 2017 ULA donor contributed $200 specifically aimed to support a woman in need. The money was granted to Tuhire Beatrice, living near Kampala, who is a widow with two children. She had attended ULA workshops on women’s rights and income generation.

After the death of my husband from HIV AIDS, my in-laws, by custom, took our land, and they never considered the hardship on me with my children.

Meet Tuhire Beatrice, a single mother of two who found much needed help through Universal Love Alliance.

I would to thank ULA for enabling me to start a small business that has helped to help my girl to study for her career. After the death of my husband from HIV AIDS, my in-laws, by custom, took our land, and they never considered the hardship on me with my children. I stayed at my parent’s home with my children but my brothers were saying that I should give my children up to my husband’s clan.

So I decided to move out to a “trading center” (a complex of stalls for selling goods with adjacent minimal low-cost housing). I struggled hard, doing wash at people’ homes, trying to get enough money for school fees, rent and life support for my two kids. I soon became week and sickly and was not able to work. My rent accumulated; my elder son left home and I remained with my daughter.

A $200 donation changed the life of Tuhire Beatrice, a single mother struggling to survive.

Then one friend told me about ULA and its work with oppressed people – LGBTQ people, HIV women and children, the empowerment workshops they deliver; she told the date they were to give a workshop at my home cell (a section of a village. I attended the first ULA empowerment workshops, in March, 2017. All the issues they talked touched my heart, and I felt I could do something for myself and my children. I started attending ULA workshops when never they were being delivered in our area. After the fourth one, I approached one of ULA staff, told her my situation, and what I intend to do. She told me to write down a plan of that activity and send it to the ULA coordinator in our community … which I did. I would purchase produce wholesale and sell it retail at the trading center.

A month later, after an interview, I was told that ULA had approved a grant for me to start my small business. I was happy and my life changed! I started selling greens, tomatoes, yellow banana, passion fruits, onions, cereals, and other foods. At six months I was having success. I now am able to pay my rent on time, and my daughter has enrolled in a catering course in the college that will give her a career. ULA support has changed my life - am healthy, I think well, and am providing a meaning and security for my children.

Universal Love Ministries is for sure universal love ministries!


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