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Clergy For Diversity Workshops Promote Tolerance & Acceptance, Changing Minds For The Better

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

The Profound Impact Experienced By One Ugandan Reverend Because Of Universal Love Alliance's Diversity Workshop, In His Own Words

Reverend Sedrack of the Ruwero District in Uganda shares his own transformative experience that he had because of his participation in one of ULA's Diversity Workshops that focuses on educating Faith Leaders in the practice of tolerance and acceptance of fringe minorities.

I need to thank the Universal Love Alliance staff for the workshop they have delivered educating us religious leaders on human rights, and teaching us the interpretation of scriptures according to context, and in a manner that demonstrates respect for all people. We are becoming aware of the need to correct mistakes that were made by the people that brought Christianity into Uganda in the late 1800’s. These mistakes were not questioned for many years, but ULA is empowering us to question them and seek a solution to resolve them.

Universal Love Alliance Clergy For Diversity Workshop
Faith Leaders Discussing Tolerance and Acceptance at a Universal Love Alliance Workshop on Diversity

Universal Love Alliance teachings are filling a gap which has been empty in Uganda, and I think even in Africa in general.

The workshop has helped me to gain knowledge on women's issues and those of other marginalized groups. I realize that as religious leaders we have a role to play in ending violence against these people. We can do this by instructing our congregants to reconcile with those of different orientations, accept them and express unconditional love towards them that Jesus teaches all of us. I now have dialogue skills; I know the differences between unproductive argument and constructive dialogue in discussing these controversial issues with my congregation.

ULA teachings are filling a gap which has been empty in Uganda, and I think even in Africa in general. So, this re-education and re-shaping process that the organization is introducing to the religious community gives a road map to show us a way to serve all people of God without judging them. The teachings have changed the negative attitude I had towards people of vulnerable groups. I would like to say that I’m sorry to those individuals that I preached against before the workshops. ULA – please continue with these teachings!

I know there are many religious leaders who are like I was before I attended your training's and seminars on human rights, sexual orientation, dialogue, gender equality, and spirituality.

What an opportunity ULA has provided me with!


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